Triple Play! Meet the Loyal, Music, and Nice Litters


Three litters of new puppies are making the Helping Paws scene! We know pictures speak louder than words, so here are the Loyal (Chester x Karma, born March 28), Music (Teller x Augustina, born April 7) and Nice (Briggs x Lanie, born April 16) Litters. Our thanks to Caretaker Homes Jill Rovner, Gloria and David Sather, and Susan and Mike Martiny Family and breeders donating the sires’ services, Captain’s Kennels, Judy Campbell/Elm Creek Golden Retrievers, and Jane Docter/Docmar.

LOYAL LITTER, 4 female and 3 male Labrador Retrievers


MUSIC LITTER, 3 female and 7 male Golden Retrievers


NICE LITTER, 8 female and 2 male Golden Retrievers


Photos by Jill Rovner, Judy Michurski and Mary Gustafson.




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