Blue Coat Circle

A Community Supporting Helping Paws

The Blue Coat Circle is our new donor appreciation program that allows us to express our deep gratitude for your support while highlighting the impact of our Assistance Dogs. This new program is designed to showcase how your donations fund our entire program: from breeding to foster home training to graduate placement and follow up care.

Breeding, training and matching an Assistance Dog takes about 2½ years, requires thousands of volunteer hours and an investment of about $30,000. By being a donor, you directly support Helping Paws Assistance Dogs, who ultimately bring improved quality of life, companionship and peace of mind to those in need. This includes:

  • Training 175+ volunteers who donate 95,000 hours each year
  • Emergency veterinarian bills and other expenses associated with the dogs
  • Lifetime of support to our graduate partnerships


How To Join The Blue Coat Circle




A Blue Coat Circle membership starts on the day of your gift and will continue for a year. All donations made throughout the year will be added to your membership, increasing your member tier and the perks you get! You can also pledge a gift that can be paid over our fiscal year (6/1-5/31).

To donate, click here.



BCC Tiers

There are six donor tiers within Blue Coat Circle. Each allows you to make a gift you find meaningful. Which one will you pick or reach this year?

Payment options allow you to choose a one time donation or monthly gift.

More information about Blue Coat Circle tiers are listed below.




Choose what your gift supports:

1. General Operating Support

2. Volunteer Foster Home Trainer Support Fund

3. Veterans and First Responders with PTSD Program

4. Corbett Laubignat Emergency Veterinary Fund




As a thank you for your support, we’re offering Blue Coat Circle members unique perks and experiences like being able to watch a training class, hold an Assistance Dog demonstration and HP branded items.

More information about BCC perks are listed below.



Blue Coat Circle Tiers and Perks