Staff & Board of Directors

Our staff has a long history of effectively and compassionately training people and dogs to work together. A volunteer Board of Directors governs the business and vision of Helping Paws. Board members demonstrate a variety of skills and backgrounds and include business and community leaders, volunteers who foster and train dogs, and clients successfully paired with a dog.

Our main phone number is 952-988-9359. Direct dial extensions are listed below.

Executive Director, Alyssa Golob: Ext.14 Email Alyssa
Director of Programs, Eileen Bohn: Ext. 10 Email Eileen

Chelsey Bosak, Programs Department Administrative Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator : Ext. 65 Email Chelsey
Judy Campbell, Foster Home Coordinator and Instructor: Ext. 66 Email Judy 
Laura Gentry, Canine Care Coordinator and Instructor: Ext. 64 Email Laura
Jonathan Kramer, Marketing Manager: Ext. 15 Email Jonathan 
Sue Kliewer, Client Services Coordinator and Instructor: Ext. 63 Email Sue 
Tony Craidon, Veteran/First Responder Program Coordinator: Ext. 18 Email Tony 
Jill Rovner, Development Assistant: Ext. 19 Email Jill
Luis Ventura, Development and Events Manager: Ext. 11 Email Luis

Board of Directors
Kathy Statler – President
Mike Urbanos – Vice President
James Ryan – Treasurer
Lynn Walker – Secretary

Ryan Evers
Ashley Groshek
Judy Hovanes
William Huffman
Alison Lienau
Reid Mason
Steven Rush
Joan Stone

For more information, please contact us at Board of Directors.