Three litters of new puppies are making the Helping Paws scene! We know pictures speak louder than words, so here are the Loyal (Chester x Karma, born March 28), Music (Teller x Augustina, born April 7) and Nice (Briggs x Lanie, born April 16) Litters. Our thanks to Caretaker Homes Jill Rovner, Gloria and David Sather, and Susan and Mike Martiny Family and breeders donating the sires’ services, Captain’s Kennels, Judy Campbell/Elm Creek Golden Retrievers, and Jane Docter/Docmar.

LOYAL LITTER, 4 female and 3 male Labrador Retrievers


MUSIC LITTER, 3 female and 7 male Golden Retrievers


NICE LITTER, 8 female and 2 male Golden Retrievers


Photos by Jill Rovner, Judy Michurski and Mary Gustafson.




Growing, playing, learning some social skills: The Kind Litter (Gangsta x Maple) is preparing for their planned future as Assistance Dogs. Born January 11, the puppies have more time yet in their Caretaker Home with Diane Crannell before they head to new homes and new adventures with their Foster Home Trainers. Four males, one female, and all puppy! Additional thanks to Jane Docter/Docmar for providing the sire services of Gangsta.





Minnesota’s day of giving is here! Our goal for GIVE TO THE MAX DAY is $60,000 to sponsor the Joy Litter: Java, Jaxon, Jemma, Jerry, Jess, Jewel and Juneau, 8-week-old bundles of, well, JOY! Please click here to contribute to this effort, and plan to join us for more fun (the puppies are coming!) at our annual OPEN HOUSE today!

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Please note: As of this morning, the donation site has been overloaded with contributions  and GiveMN has moved to a backup server. All donations remain 100% secure and are applied to meet our $18,000 donation match (your donation is doubled until we achieve $18,000 in donations.)



joy_slider 2016-11-03-gangsa-x-elska-61 joy-baby-crop

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