Month: October 2017

Foster Home Trainers: The Gifts are a Two-Way Street

Helping Paws Foster Home Trainers are in every way its “heroes behind the scenes.”  In this issue we bring three representative households front and center. Karen and Erika Schmidt: Ella, Delta, and Laska People in search of the “best volunteer gig” need only talk to Karen Schmidt. “How can you do better than starting with […]

Written by on October 3, 2017

New Teams Training: “Peace of Mind, Piece of Heart”

Four new teams are training at Helping Paws, preparing to launch into a full new life together. This class of up-and-coming graduates symbolizes Helping Paws in some ways: The dogs come from four different litter classes (April, Color, Do, and Edge) and the people from different walks of life. Included in the mix is the […]

Written by on October 3, 2017

Veterinarians Speak Out Against Fraudulent Service Dogs

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently released a white paper titled Assistance Animals: Rights of Access and the Problem of Fraud. Although the paper is not an official policy position from the association, it is an exploratory step from the organization’s Animal Welfare Division to prompt discussion on the role of veterinarians with service dogs […]

Written by on October 2, 2017