Fridays are often joyful for many people, signaling an entrance to a weekend of leisure and fun. Last Friday may have set a record for some of our volunteer Foster Home Trainers, as they each welcomed a puppy from the Joy Litter into their home. Born September 17, these true “bundles of…” are now a thriving 8 weeks old, thanks to the nurturing of their mother Elska and Caretaker Mary Tiegan. Many thanks also to Jane Docter of Docmar for donating the services of sire Gangsta.

The Joy Litter is the focus of donations we receive from Give to the Max Day this Thursday, November 17. You can access the donation site here: Give to the Max Day: Helping Paws.

The pictures from the first meeting of Foster Home families and the puppies say it best.  Photos are courtesy of Scott Kleckner.