Helping Paws is proud to debut our latest litter of future service dogs, the Joy, or “J,” puppies. Mama Elska timed the arrival to coincide with our annual Tail Waggin ‘ Dinner, where we celebrate  our mission of furthering people’s independence and quality of life through the use of assistance dogs.

The Gangsta x Elska pups, four males and three females, are thriving @ four weeks of age.

They are weaning to puppy food, and wrestling.



Each puppy has a litter name related to the theme of joy:

Jolly: full of good humor; mirthful; cheerful

Sunny: bright; shiny; radiant

Harmony: when you feel happy; peace

Effervescent: enthusiastic; vivacious; fizzy

Happy: joyful; fortunate; marked with good luck

Joy: happy; glad; merry

Bliss: completely happy; full of joy; blessed

Appreciation to caretaker home Mary Tiegen. Adorable photos courtesy of Judy Michurski.